don't know what to say


sometimes i don't know what to say

and i talk more sense when I'm incorrect or at least more truthfully

thats why when i write these next lines, there's not that much alcohol disrupting my mind.

i know why you made me nervous and i know why i stuttered

all night i wanted my lips to collide with yours

you stared into my eyes, i wish I  wasn't driving so i can stare right back.

i felt nothing else, but that stare... was is as if time it's self had stop.

it is not a world i know..... i was a scared little child,  trying not to loose amusement.

so confused, not hesitant to abuse my rules..........

god! how i wish you would put that fucking phone down!!

i had to say something so i did, i had to do something and i did

fuck how i would long for 7-11 one eye on the road one eye searching for heaven.

god! i think this is the first time i wished for red lights!!

because at that seven our lips will collide

we pull over in the middle of the night

our lips meet our saliva gets swamped

more more more i cant stop this

i think this is the best kiss!

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