in your mind


i know what i belief.

and it gets harder for me.

not! it is easy like the hookers on harbor street.

i dont have to  explain or impress nor even make you a believer.

yes im fucking over my lungs and my liver.

you see it is not the time that heals your scars it is the new knowledge that penetrates you mind.

well then why not figure it out now?

you will always get hurt.

stay up all night and heal it now.

so dont worry you will get over it.

it is just a phase

and remember it is only flesh and bones.

no matter who you are with now there will always be someone out there better for you less fucking flaws

keep your head up.

next stanza is my fucking stupid thoughts and she dont even deserve it.

well hi there miss liz hey your soul wont be miss and neither will mine i  know i gave it to you, but i took it back when we broke up.

so dont fucking talk, honey i dont need you, you arent shit.

and im happier now. and i am never blue

i am good and evil i live on both sides of the fence and my grass is always green

i am no longer a fiend.

hey i think i now where you are, you are burried in the back of my head in a hole created by alcohol and drugs.

and you will remain there till the end of time.

i am doing the best i can so i can get what i want.

i whant the money the house and that close to perfect wife.

remember it only effects you if you let it.

stay true dont worry dont be sad.

it will all be over soon just close your eyes.

take care.

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