Symbol of Hope

A symbol of hope

When all hope is lost what kind of cliché would work?

When a man tries to take his own life how does he negate his actions in front of his child?

In this world so cruel and so wild there is no structure

Nothing to reassure anyone that the world is a safe place

There is no beacon or light at the end of any dark tunnel

There’s no escape

Only a dark, dark hell

Closing in are the walls year by year

You watch as everyone destined for life passes you by

By and by

Time and time

You reach up

And no one even tries

You shed a tear

                                                                       they wonder why he cries

Strength builds up over time

Finally able to reach up

Able to seize life

Everything is over

Just want to forget about it all

I used to be destined for nothing

I was designed to fall

To fail

Yet here I am

Victorious I hail

Silver, white luster

Lutetium rare

With no hazy glare

He says

“it takes everything I can muster to show I care”

For the first time ever I feel the good pain

For the first time ever

Music plays 

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