The Cockroaches are Taking Over!!!!!!


When I was ten years old

I found the secret to life,

on the bottom of the pool where I almost died.

Death is the end of breath

but the beggining to whats next-nothing.

No matter how hard you try

or how much you cry

youre still going to die.

So pack all your bags

and be ready to knock hard on deaths door.

But dont go silent into that good night.

You still have to fight,

fight for whats right, fight for your life.

For lifes full of something

and you die with nothing.

So hate all that love

and love all that hate

and feel all the feelings that this world creates.

Fuck all the bullshit

help all the needy

kill all the greedy.

We are the people so why should it be

that countries and money be traded while we bleed.

The poor is exploited by only 4 percent of America.

So lets rise against

and together make sense.

The only solution can be revolution.

How can we try when we lie down and die.

Youre apethetic

yeah youre pathetic.

Pollution stops the cold and break the ice.

Its okay because were still alive- yeah right.

The worlds going to end

and we still pretend

it will be alright.

It only hurts when we breathe.

Its really okay because were going to leave.

And our children will be left to die in our shit.

But we dont care.

So wear lots of sun screen

and breathe through a mask

and watch out for your kids because theyll kick your fuckin ass.

Millions by millions theylll re-reproduce.

Millions by millions theyll march in your home.

Through nuclear winters and when were all dead

theyll produce by the millions and crawl through our heads.

The cockroaches are taking over.

Soon the human race will be over.

So drink all your drinks

and smoke all your smokes

breathe while you can because your going to choke.

Fuck all the world because its so wrong.

If it was right

then we'd be alright.

Humans are a virus

consuming its host until theres nothing left to kill

except yourselves.

Everything will be better when the humans are gone.

Every species will thrive and together be one.

Classical conditioning

everyone stop listening.

Our stimulus response

is to be brain washed.

When you see the flash

and everything stops

pull your ankles real hard

and kiss your ass good bye.

Dont be scared to die.

Be ashamed you ever lived.

Dont worry theres no heaven

for humans anyway.

Gods full of shit.

"Thou shalt not kill

but I'll drown you in a flood.

Thou shalt kiss my ass

or I'll send you to hell.

Kill all the witches

crusade all the bitches.

I'll send you to hell if you dont love me the most

even though your parents would never send you to hell."

God damnit!! Cant you tell?

Were already in hell.


can never make sense

and the bible written by man.

Word searches are fun but all just a game

just like your life.

My conclusion

is to stop the illusions

help the fellow humans.

Flesh of your flesh.

Stop printing green paper

it only turns red.

The cockroaches are taking over.

Be glad when its over.

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