Soliloquy of a Soldier


1st verse

The war is getting thick

every day is rain.

Blood raining down on my face

companions dropping around me like flies.

If I'm next to die I dont care.

The war may be wrong but we're in it for the right reason.(I think)

My mind is numbed

I couldn't feel if I tried.

The only way I'm still pushing is by body over mind.


clips of my life running through my head

jolting my body and heart into rythm like an AED.

visions of a soft face rubbing mine.

--"I love you."--

Light brown eyes

melting my souls weak outer layer and replacing it.

--"where are you?"--

Sweet heart I'm so sorry!

I hold my breath waiting for the next clip.

Infantile innocent smile,

my son it will be a while.

I have to fight!

This pathetic vesicle for my mind is tiring, straining, dying.

Forgive me if I don't make.........


Momma I won't be home for christmas

ths year.

The hole we dug is getting to deep.

Kiss my son help him to sleep.

Tuck him in tell him one day we'll meet again.

Forget me not

because I only remember you.

2nd verse

The ground is flooded with corpses.

The wade through this swamp of death is getting harder to swim.

I have to make it!!

Not for me but for you.

Bullets flying

people dying

screaming for their mothers.

Which leads me to believe

when your about to die your innocent again like a child.

More flashes!

My father teaching me to ride a bike

there by myside ready to catch me if I fall.


Why can't he catch me when I die?!!

In all selfishness senselessness

I don't want to die in this loneliness.

I see light.

Finally I'm out.

The sun beams in my eyes

suddenly BAM!!

Lights out

I see my wife and kid.

Good bye I'll never see you again.

One last tear for the lake of corpses.


Momma I wont be home for christmas


I joined my friends and now I sleep

and though my eyes will never pry

I will wait until you die.

Don't forget to remember

I love you..

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