I Wanna Burn Out


1st Verse:

        If you have something to be proud of

be proud.

When your parilyzed with doubt

dont be brought down.

You should fight it

with all your might

when you feel like letting go

hold on tight

and you might pull through the night.

And if you have something to fear

dont be scared, dont be affraid.


        Please just try to


where its comming from

and your fears

will be brought down

as your mind opens up.

2nd verse:

        Dreams are made

on a winding road.

So make goals to get where

you want to go.

And dont be scared

you'll mess things up

life is yours

you'll only live it once.

2nd chorus:

        So dont just dream all

your dreams away

or fade out

and waste your days.

Its better to burn out

than fade away.

I wanna burn out.

I wanna burn out.

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