American Hero



        American hero

where did you go?

American hero

where did you go?

1st Verse:

        You die with a tear in your eyes

to soar above where the eagles fly.

Why did you go and die

was it for yourself?

Why did you leave your family behind?


        Was it for the countrys tears of thee

in a world where everything is blind

and hate is constant all the time?

To throw yourself up to the stars

or put your life behind the bars.

Either way you'll be wearing

the stripes of an American prisoner.

2nd Verse:

        American hero

no one thanks you

American hero

vaguely remembered.

And you went to war for peace

equiped with

a bouquet of yellow roses for the blind.

I bet you can still hear there cries late at night

of the ones who died yelling freedoms in their sight.

Dreaming of freedom

and dying in the arms of no one.

Back to the chorus and fade out with the intro..

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