1st verse:

        In a world of paper

its so hard to live when your recycled.

It seems like no one cares.

Hatred rises in our atmosphere.

Americas trash can not be thrown away.

When most of it is trash anyway.

Ignorance is the easy way to turn away.

In the hell of all the ghettos

pain and strife is the life

when your living dead.

Because you wish for death and not hope instead.


        Give me hope to blind my sight

from this recycled life.

Take my pain so I can feel

what its like to be real.

You can never hope

when you never dream

so please please please

recycle me.

2nd verse:

Americas heros are all gone.

So please send us in their stead.

Well prove to be your perfect pawns

then our problems will seem all gone.

Were already first in line for hell

at least its better than this place.

Make me a hero.

Just a step above zero

then I'll have made my goal.

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