To Be Free (American hero part 2)


1st verse:

        I take a drag of my cigarrette

as I take a look at life again

and I wonder to my self

what it is to be free.

You see theres people dying

dying for you and me

and for the soul protection of

this place we must call home.

So what is it to be?

What is it to be free.


       I speak my words so clearly

this I know it makes me free

And it hurts me so dearly

just to know that others

cant speak the same words as me.

For here prisons an option.

Other places you cant see beyond the bars.

2nd verse:

        One morning a mother faces her worst fear

when a nice dressed man came to her door and said

your son wont be home ever again.

He took a bullet to his head.

Please take this flag and medals

and honor his memory.

2nd chorus:

She looks into a mirror with all her pain

and says to herself

I will not give up this dream.

For my son he gave it all.

I know this freedoms bliss

but I must not let it fall.

Because beleiving a dream is all the hope we have

and I will not lose hope.

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