Sleep Forever


1st verse:

        Friends they come

and then you go

I wish I had never let you go.

Forcing out

breathing you in.

I cant breathe without your breath.

I feel so sick

I feel so dead.

I lost it all when I lost you.


        Did you ever wonder why it hurts so bad to feel so good?

Did you ever wonder it hurts so good to feel so bad?


        Because when you wake up next to no one

it makes you never want to wake again.

Forever sleep my friend

and then you'll never

wake up

next to no one



2nd Verse:


without any hope.

All in my mind

where did you go?

I blame myself

each and every night

for losing you without a fight.

Your blue eyes hipnotize and hide your lies.

If your love was a fire I would freeze to death.

you bring me down and by force take my breath.

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