Make it Better



        I've been selfish.

Never stopping to think.

Never to think of anyone else.

I went to far and here we are.

I'm falling apart from what I did.

And it hurts me


        To know I have bit the hand

from which I feed.

You trusted me

and still id feed

from forbidden friuts I condemned myself to eat.

If you any suspicion

I'd mock your supertition.

I've been wrong and you were right.

1st verse:

        You gave me your hand

and all I did was fight

from which the cause was confused to me.

All you wanted me to be

was your friend.


        And in the end

when I took it all away.

I realized what I did.


        And I'm sorry

for what I did.

I wish there was a way

that I could

make it better for you.

2nd bridge:

        I wish I could take it back

still I try.

I told you lies

and destroyed your life.

Your lying on the ground mentally abused

I wish I could pick you up.

I'm so sorry you were used..

3rd bridge (no singing)

4th bridge:

        I tried to run way

from all the pain and dismay.

But theres no escape from guilt

or empathy when its something that you caused.

I know I cant make it better for you.

2nd verse:

        I dream about the look on your face

when your family drifted away.

I feel like such a disgrace.


        This comming from my cold dead heart.


       I'm so sorry

for killing you.

I wish there was a way

I could make it better for you

make it better.


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