One Nations Fall


1st verse:

        I'm proud of being tired of America.

Lies and conspiracies paint its picture.

But you've gotta have faith in propoghanda.

Its not just the government

the destruction of America can come in a single pill.

The kids are dying at home and away.

But I cant have faith anymore.


        Because I dont believe in America.

In the land of the free

where it cost your life.

With liberty and justice for none.

Under God and one nations fall.

2nd Verse:

        Ignorance is the American way.

Im blind to color but I can still see

segregation and conformity.

I'm not a man of power

but I sure as hell wouldn't mind.

If Hitler had an hour

to convince you of his lies

he'd deviate America

and watch you all die

using you to kill your own kind.

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