The end is in our dreams

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  I had a disturbing dream lastnight it was about the end of the world. It seems every time I get a sufficient amount of sleep I dream about the end of the world. The dream was quite typical it took place in Okinawa Japan a place where I used to live and everyone who was a resident there was ultimately fucked. My dad is always in these dreams (my biggest hero) you see my step dad has been there for me in the worst parts of my life making me brave in some damn scary circumstances. I always imagine him when the day comes and it's time for me to die, he's right by my side telling me it's gonna be just fine. He looks as juvinated as he is now I don't know if that means he'll be burying me in his lifetime or not (hope not). Anyway back to the end of the world Japan became engulfed in water by a either a tsunami or some ambiguos thing my dream decided to conjure up. Luckily my dad and I were on a boat with a few other random people who I've never met. A few days went by and we noticed that there was no living creature in the water below us it was only death. It was an eerie unescapable feeling of doom we were screwed and we didn't know why. As it goes for the cliche of the end of the world it always seems theres no reasonable excuse for the inescapable travesties that lie ahead. Take the book of Reavalations from the Bible for example NO ESCAPE, take dawn of the dead NO ESCAPE why can't anyone escape? Anywho the really creepy thing is that I was in an erie mood for the rest of the day and when I sat down to watch a little TV the history channel was on and explaining theories for the end of the world. In the myan prediction for 2012 the poles of the earth shift 20 degrees causing  earthquakes volcanic eruptions tsunamis and other worldly catastrophies on coastlines and tropical areas such as JAPAN! This might happen the world just may be fucked. Many scientists believe the myans are truly onto something. Just incase you're afraid to die ( who isn't) you should make necesary arrangements. ----Hey sorry bout the poor grammar and punctuation I really didn't feel like trying I am tired as hell and felt an anoying need to post this so here it is please don't call the grammar police on me Its just fuckin myspace. Thanks for the visit.

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