There’s a silver hole tearing through my reality screen

It looks like static but you have to be keen

It’s not something that’s trapping me in

Instead it’s sucking me out

They’re all outlined in silver and the middles blacked out

Each one is a portal beyond existence and beyond sanity

Every day they multiply and grow bigger

Pretty soon I’ll be on the other side

I don’t know how much time I have left

Each day the fight gets harder

There are times they go away but they always come back

Why do I fight so hard to keep them away?

I fight and I fight

Just to suffer another day

When they’re not here there’s still no reprieve

Instead I’m shaking like a baby and down on my knees

I don’t fear the fear it just happens

Like a thief in the night

It steals my only light

Light in the darkness

So far away

Come back come back

I want to see day

Someone please

Take the static away

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