Abortion vs. Me, am I for or agianst? I believe that if people have an abortion it should be a legitimate causation(rape, incessed ect). No fault abortions cause people or the possibility of people getting an abortion as an alternative to birth control. A girl named Kazia who I met and come to know as a friend said, " If theres a possibilty of me being pregnant I'll just kill the damn thing anyway I'm too young for the resposibility", I lost a little respect. Tom my fiances dad thinks abortion is good for the world because theres too many people in the population.

        First of all abortion shouldn't be used to solve problems such as those. Not to sound conservative, either abstinence or other sociologically studdied ways should be applied to solving our economical and societal problems not killing!! Yes I think its killing. Fuck quality of life !!! Its a matter of if it will live without assistance or die without assistance. In a vegitables case, "pulling the plug", is letting them die without assistance. In abortion originally the baby would grow and live if unteathered, but instead they die with assistance. In other words their Murdered..

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