You are lying here next to me

telling me you’re no good at giving compliments

but even worse at taking them


But here is the thing

the thousands of words

that could potentially come out of your mouth in an attempt to flatter

will stand no chance against your uninhibited actions


If you like my eyes

I will know when you graze your finger over my eyelashes and across my brow

staring into them like they are the source to your happiness that you want to unlock


If you like my hair

I will know when you run your strong hands through it

over and over


If you like my lips

I’ll know when you skim your thumb across them

stopping at the corners as though they are the end all be all

only to swipe right back across like a pendulum

not able to quite come to a complete stop


And if you like me

I’ll know when you grab my head in your hand while I’m speaking

and just hold it

hanging on my every word

your expression changing with each new syllable

and when I finish, still holding it there

studying me, and smiling


So don’t wrap me in obligated words

wrap me in your undisguised acts of admiration

because those, those are the raw you

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