The Mourning of a Legend Laid to Rest

I remember the times we shared as if they passed only days before;

And yet it seems I've been missing you a thousand years or more.

I know you've passed to a better place;

And yet I bear no smile, not even the faintest trace.

Rather choosing to remain in this haze;

Reminiscing of yesterdays.

Of certain times we had and crazy things we did,

I'll always remain in denial;

The only telltale sign

This guilty smile.

In looking back

Alone without you, my life shall always lack.

But I'll keep my promise to persevere;

And your memory I'll always revere.

Maybe someday in time my heart shall mend;

But for now, I miss my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On August 3, 2006, my hero took his last breath. On August 8, the greatest man I ever knew was laid to rest. He stood a giant among mortals, even though little more than four feet in stature. He played a thousand different roles in my life: at times an uncle, at times a father, at times a grandfather, at times a big brother, and always my best friend. He spent a lifetime in braces, wheelchairs, on crutches, or in hospital beds. And though he had every reason to be bitter at the cards he was dealt, he lived his life with an upbeat optimism like no one I have ever known. Though he had every excuse to accomplish nothing due to his physical condition, he accomplished more in any given day of his life than most of us do in a lifetime. With his constant smile and endless jokes, he possessed in inner radiance that made this world a better place for every person who was so fortunate to know him. He had the biggest heart of anyone I'll ever know in this world, and he would do anything he could to help out anyone who asked. He was my guiding light, helping me make every meaningful choice in my life. He believed in my like no else has; he believed in every person he met. He saw the good in every person, and gave inspiration to the uninspired, giving them the strength to accomplish things of which they never knew they were capable. But more than anything else, his legacy is left in the fact that he taught each and every person who knew him to see the beauty in each every day. He taught people to appreciate the impact that words could have, to see the beauty in a sunrise and sunset, and to live each day to its fullest. He lived every single day of his life a little better and a little fuller than the last, and made every person around him do the same. And in doing so, he taught us all to live with a little piece of Don in our hearts. That's what I'll always remember my uncle for more than anything. That's what I'll always remember my best friend for more than anything.

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