my conscious thoughts...

are they only a sieve

for anything to pass through?

every thought touching my innermost being

maybe yes...

separating wanted from unwanted

analyzing every part of the situation

then judging the residue

am I angry, do I forgive

don't ask why, just get out of it

change the subject

let it go, forget about it

maybe not...

thoughts are the closest thing to me

every thought is impossible to assimilate

I become solely a reactionary

undisciplined, no sense of self

unschooled in who I am

what I want, what I can do,

my productive self

my social self

my subconscious thoughts...

touch me when I sleep

they wake me up or let me sleep

they are rebellious, seldom kind

a twisted replay of the day

often insecurities and fears

the "id"--uncoordinated instinctual urges

creating danger flash points

that won't allow me to change

then the "super-ego" jumps in

criticizes me, judges me

demoting reality beyond my power to change

STOP--control your ego in the first place

"das Es," "das Ich," and "das Über-Ich"

"id," "ego," "super-ego"

"It," "I," "Over-I"

KNOW yourself

Think good thoughts

Stay alive, create, be productive

we over-value the external world

we receive impressions from it

that the mind processes

into uncontrolled distractions

maybe misrepresentations

that really make no difference

misunderstandings, judgments, criticisms

lies, slander, gossip, vicious rumor

cutting, offhand remarks

that do not touch me,

only my thoughts of them do

keep your thoughts YOURS

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