I am in the darkness and in the fray,

for once a man, now I am pray.

I am pray to the shadows that corrupt the mind.

I am pray to the feelings that deserted me inside.

I am pray to my will that just let go.

I am pray to my emotions that just won't show.

With my anger subsided, I am calm and at peace.

it won't be long before I am deceased.

My predator stalks, as I just walk.

Walk further into the darkness with careless thought.

My burdened heart is all I brought.

Burdened with pain that seems to grow.

and burdened with love I can't bestow.

I can't walk any farther, there is no where to run.

I have no choice, but lay down my guns.

As I walked in the darkness my heart distraught,

the only predator was the one thing I brought.

I am the predator and I am the pray.

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