Dark lover

You torture me with your words of lust to heighten my senses,

to turn to me to dust.

You promise me pleasure, mixed with pain,

but what will it matter,what will it gain?

You tell me you want me, my flesh , my blood, my

my soul, my love.

Yet I sense the fear you have inside caused from your

battle of the darkness you hide. 

You want to break me, to take me, to bend my will, to make me submissive

to make me feel. 

What do you want dark lover of mine,

to taste my blood while i moan and rive?

To make me yours while you mark my flesh?

Yet i smell your fear as you touch my face.

Your want your need as my lips you trace. 

Take what you want dark lover of mine,

I have no fear no frame of mind. 

My want, my need they match your own.

Take my soul its yours to own.

Take me to that place you want, mark me, drink me, taste my moan. 

The pleasure you promise I want it all,

The pain , the gentleness as this Angel falls. 

Your hands they caress me as your madness builds the smile on your lips,

it gives me chills. I am not afraid of you, I never will... I want your love, I want 

to feel. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dark Lover mine

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