Time For It To All End

Personal Poems

Tired of it.

Getting yelled at for shit I didn't do.

Pulled into fights that aren’t my own.

At home it’s bad enough,

Even worse when escaping with friends.

I survive on my own.

Love to be alone.

Walking through a parking lot,

While everyone walks the other way.

Crying to myself,

Just after having you cry on my shoulder.

Walking through the cool quiet night.

Sitting alone on the stairs.

No one followed me there.

Saw you at your weakest...

Never something I ever thought I'd see,

Never something I want to ever see again.

Caused some of the pain,

Wish I could take it all away.

But that’s not my job.

I'm just a friend.

Nothing more.

Not the one who’s supposed to care so much.

That’s for someone else.

And that someone else is what I need.

Someone that would have followed,

Been there next to me,

As I sat looking up at the sky.

But why.

Living in a dream.

Fantasy of what it could be like.

Never comes true.

Never ends.

Why should I get so worked up?

It’s not my job.

Yet I can't help myself.

I just wish this could all end.

Being torn in different directions

Mind wanders

Can’t think

Do I envy what you have?

Do I want the same?

Or do I want to be that person.

Never know

I don't know...

I just think...

If it goes on this way anymore...

Its just time for it to all end.

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