Road of Darkness

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Driving along.

Black pavement,

As dark as night.

As much as we fight.

Maybe it was meant.

The road of the night.

The asphalt,

As black as night.

As you drive along,

The edges disappear into the darkness.

You roll down your windows,

And the cool wind blows across your face.

An icy hand of fate,

Caresses your face,

And covers your eyes,

And for to long,

Before you realize the curve ahead,

You’re already falling off the side.

When you come to rest,

Blood across your face,

Metal in your arms,

Glass in your chest.

Struggle to move,

Just breathing is painful.

Tears of red,

Streak your face.

Still music plays in a distant house.

Bright and cheery,

Ruining your head.

Happiness in a time of pain...

It can't be right...

By the time the sun rises,

To chase night from the sky,

The man is dead,

And the flames of the car die away.

One more to a list,

Lost on the road of darkness.

Fallen to the side.

Stupid mistakes,

And big lies,

All catch up,

And you have no choice.

You must take the road,

And allow fate to take you away.

For no one has ever passed the curve.

We have all died there...

You can tempt fate,

But it lets you live longer,

But it will catch up with you.

And push you over the edge.

And as I drive down that road,

I block out the hands of fate.

And try to see the turn just ahead.

But it’s too late.

Before I know it I’m falling off the building.

A jump of death,

And a twist of fate.

I grip a gun in my hand,

And before I hit the ground,

Ensure I feel no pain.

A man lost to the world.

A fight to great,

And pain too much.

Can’t even face death.

Just a bullet to my head.

And as I hit the ground,

I hear the music in the distance...

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