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Who are we?

People who care?

Or people who hate?

Would we help a fellow man?

Or laugh in their face?

Would we care to help the person fixing the flat?

Or drive by so fast with our own problems,

That we wouldn’t worry ourselves with someone else’s?

Who are we?

Who are you?

One who cares?

Or one who cares less?

Humans are fickle.

In times of disaster,

Our hope and sprit rise,

And we help fellow man.

In the face of destruction we are everyman for himself.

Kill or be killed,

Our instinct is to kill.


Or why we have survived.

Swarming the earth as our hive.

Ready to set out and kill worlds around us.

Will we never rest till we rule it all?

Divided amongst ourselves.

What does it take to unite?

Is the man who helps,

The loser?

Or is he the one who deserves praise?

Is he wasting his time?

Or putting it to good use?

It depends who you ask...

And in this day in age,

Those who answer the latter are hard to find.

We are a people "united"

Yet we are united by division.

We all agree to go on our separate lives.

And not bother anyone else’s.

No matter how much help we need.

No one truly cares.

The accident you pass by,

A fleeting memory a mile away.

The picture of the child,


Shown on the TV.

A distant memory while eating dinner.

We are one whom cares little.

Yet are egos are larger then the world.

Have to act this way.

And do this that way.

Just to be accepted.

Its bullshit,

And we bathe in it.

Who are we?

Compassionate fools,

Or uncompassionate assholes.

Wasting our time,

Or wasting time helping others.

It doesn’t' matter,

Either way we are lost.

And it will take something extraordinary,

To change our ways.

Our entire outlook on life.

Maybe someday,

But not today.

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