Personal Poems

Eyes burning,

Ears ringing,

Head beating,

Heart stopping.

All feeling lost.

My arm unable to move.

My fingers unable to type.

The numbness over my brain,

The numbness over my body,

The numbness in my head.

Stare at the sky.

Unable to move a muscle.

Unable to speak.


It’s what happens,

When you give up on going on.

You mind is numb,

Your life is numb.

The world is numb.

Life abound,

Yet I’m stuck on the ground.

People pass by.

Yet no one asks if I’m alright.

Unable to speak.

Unable to move.

Numbness in my brain.

Numbness in our world.

My life fades,

My mind freezes.

My pain takes hold.

And I try to scream.

No one helps.

For no one hears.

Yet I’m yelling.

Screaming on the inside.

Begging those who pass by.

Yet my numb mind can't make myself speak.

Locked in my head.

Frozen in time.

Numbness in my mind,

Can't think at all.

I cry inside.

The tears you cannot see.

The pain grabs hold of my heart.

And squeezes it tight.

It strains to pump the blood.

Yet blood fades away.

Replaced by the numbing pain.

Floating day to day.

High on your own suffering.

Can't quite touch the ground.

Even if I could I wouldn’t feel it.

Bring me back down.

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