Fog of War

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They tell us it’s for the better.

They tell us it’s to keep us safe.

They tell us they won’t draft us.

They tell us they won’t kill us.

They fill us with their propaganda.

They fill us with their lies.

They fill us with their pain.

They fill us with their ideals.

They want us to protect them,

By sending us off to die.

Shipped out over an ocean,

Fighting out over a desert.

We don't say a word,

We're trained to serve our country.

Even I would go if called upon,

Though I don't understand why.

Our minds are lost,

Have we lost what we are fighting for?

The fog of war clouds our brain,

All we see is the deaths and victories.

How can we trust someone who has lied about so much?

Is it to keep us safe?

Is it for oil?

Is it for fun?

We are fighting against our selves,

When we should be united.

If we all worked together we would be home sooner.

Bless those out their everyday,

And course those who put them there.

The land of the free,

Home of the brave.

More like land of the servants,

Home to the empty families.

How can we get so lost?

The fog of war clouds our brain.

We lose ourselves,

Sight of our feet.

Lies and propaganda,

It’s all the media says.

Either kissing the ass of the government.

Or tearing it to shreds.

Is they any truth left,

In our society in a fog.

Is there any beacon of hope?

Guiding us away from the rocks.

Is their any hope at all,

That all this wont fail.

Maybe we need to look around,

And listen to those we don't normally do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a take on the war, hopefully your gathered im agains thte war, not the people fighting it.

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