Losing it

It was a warm summer night, my first time in a fortune country

the perfect time for firsts

it was my first time experiencing the green and when I inhaled, a thick nasty taste snaked down my throat

one coughing fit later and I was somewhere else entirely

me, a depressed young woman, I had never been so happy

Him and 2 others took me for a ride around town

convertible, black top down

wind wipping through my hair hands up in the air

music blasting

I was out with three guys all on my own

by the time we were back home it was 2 am and I was lost feeling droopy and down

he took me to my room and I lay there staring up into the darkness wondering how long this would last

my clothes were peeled from my sticky skin slowly

kisses planted wherever my skin was emptied


the sober me would have said stop


the sober me would have said no

but I let him kiss and caress and touch my sticky chocolate brown thigh

and eventually his hands, his lips, his tongue rolled inside

then something else entirely

and after that searing flash of pain was a pleasure so good I just knew in that moment  it had to be sinful

I gasped and squirmed and pushed away

he came to my face planting a sloppy kiss on my mouth

it had a terrible bitter taste

"what's the matter  baby?"

he asked and an evil smile snaked over his face

terrified from my state

under the influence from that thick cloudy smoke

I curled up into the fetal position and let out a blood curdling scream.

I'd just lost it...


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