Summer and Winter

     She was born on the hottest day of the summer, 

       the hottest summer for decades to come, 

         lips dry and splitting, heart red hot with fire.


     He was born on the coldest day of the winter, 

       the coldest winter in a century, 

         lips chattering, hair frozen, eyes the colour of ice. 


     She always wanted what she couldn’t have, 

       he never asked for much, just watched, listened

         and so they met, and they clashed.


     Sizzling and seething, from fire and ice,

       from pleasure and pain, to dark and light

         came the most oxymoronic love.


     And so you could say that they never had a chance,

       but if you saw the steam when they kissed,

         you would understand. 


     Though a perfect balance cannot be found, 

       between two who are so completely profound,

         she thawed him, and he cooled her.


     While some may wonder why risk the insanity

       they will always know, it will always be worth it.


         after all, what is a life without love?