Don't approach me

Infront of my friends,

When I'm letting myself go'

When I'm just having a good time,

Don't try intimidate me,

With your bullshit,

None-sense lines,

I have heard it all before and boy

it don't penetrate my mind,


i told you I don't want your drama

And I don't need your nerve

And I don't wanna hear about

Who said what to who first

And I know well, who all your friends are-

And I know about their lives-

And if you think any of them scare me-

Then you know nothing about mine


Cause I have already been through worse boy

Seen and done everything first boy

And all your hurtful words and curses boy

Don't bother me no more boy.

Where's your dignity and joy boy,

Where's the comfort in your life boy,

Do you honesty think,

All the pills and the drink

Is gunna get you ahead first boy?


I'm sick of your rhyme and your reason'.

Used to hurt me but now i'm done bleedin'

I have the strength to say what I'm seeing

And your pain

Is just not

What I'm feelin'.

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