A lie is the truth hidden in the shadows and the only thing that lets them come to light is the absolute truth unedited and uncut nothing but the truth can set u free. But the lies hide the truth and take away the pain, with no lies in this world only the truth is said the truth that hurts u and tears you down, with no truth you never know when the truth is right in front of you, so it's your choice to believe the lies that are told or find the truth within because with every lie that is told some of the truth reaches the surface. Lies hide the shame and regret of your life but the truth will set u free and show the lies for what they are. Never have I been at such crossroads in my life and never have I felt so alone in a world full of violence and hatred the love in my heart has vanished from this world. The fact of never knowing who will care about you today or who will be there tomorrow when life knocks you down and shows that this world takes away happiness and spits in your face for everyone to see and laugh at but never does this world take away the darkness that you live in or the shadows that mock you as you walk by. You put yourself down whenever the darkness is around and it only hurts you and the others around you but can the others around you see the true joy in your smile or just the fake laugh you use on a daily basis. Only the ones who truly care about you know the truth that will set you free from the darkness that you hide yourself in but the ones who say they care when you're dead the next day only put themselves further into the darkness. So tell me is this world full of lies which leads to darkness or the truth that will tear you down no matter how hard u try. Not knowing the truth can kill you but knowing it can kill u inside.

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