you don't care, you're selfish

you take my heart

promising to take good care

but you slice it apart

you don’t care

you deceive me to my face

you’re a disgrace

when will shame

hit your soul

for all the pain

you inflicted upon me

carving an endless hole

you took my sincerity

my love

and fed it to the dogs

I humbled myself,

denied myself

to prove you were loved

to prove to you

that there was one person in the world

who counted you worthy

but you are selfish

you are arrogant

you are not worthy

oh no... you are a victim

poor little you

how everyone’s hurt you

how everyone’s out to get you

you can’t trust me

I can’t trust you

you feel justified of your pain

your pain is created by your own

sick and twisted mind

so go ahead

make everyone feel sorry for you

I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for you

not now...not anymore

your wickedness has numbed me

you are no loss to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

fyi, i don't exactly feel this way towards this person... i was just venting my feelings when i wrote this.

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