A soldier's life

The ammo ricochets through

the night.

Flashes of lightening illuminate

the skies.

Sounds of pounding:

hearts beating,

lungs struggling to bring oxygen

to the body,

beads of sweat

dropping to the sandy earth below,

uniquely carrying

the fear of each soldier.

Voices whisper commands

and the ones in uniform

obey without hesitation.

The smell of death

fills their nostrils.

Burning flesh

blood and


A soldier stumbles

upon the enemy.

They’re dead.

With anger and feelings of revenge,

the soldier loads the lifeless body

with nineteen more bullets.

What a waste.

In this corpses’ back pocket

rests a photo.

His wife and children smile

innocently back at no one.

The 3x5 wallet-sized photo

curls as the fire

alters the man’s body into ashes.

Did the soldier know

wherever this man roamed,

his family followed?

When this man had died,

his family also went with him.

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