Make me Beautiful

So, here I am God. Hopelessly defected.

My heart's infected with evil.

I want Your Son, to be reflected in me

So here I am God. Have mercy.

Can I hear You? Can I see Your smile?

I know I'll be with You in a little while.

This life of mine is so fleeting

At any moment my heart could stop beating

I long for change, but will it ever be?

Will I ever be free, from my iniquity?

I'm so full of hate

it feels like there's no escape.

I'm being raped from an abundant life

Of blessings, joy and peace

God, I pray, let this anger be released.

There is just so much hurt inside

Of which, I have a tendency to hide

Yet, it's doing more harm than good, to me and you

I just don't know what I should do.

Jesus, I need You to reconstruct my heart

Search me, purge the filth from my innermost parts

Remove the darkness from the depths of my soul

And finish this good work You've begun in me,

For only You can make me beautiful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have a lot of issues with anger and hatred.. God is the only one who has ever been able to calm my angry heart and melt it into a loving compassionate one... there have been times where i felt like my anger was just devouring me and destroying me.. it's during those times when i long to be with Jesus completely free from wickedness. i think my anger stems a lot from being abused in the past

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