entry 2

Their ears are deaf, or is it that the cry for help just isn't loud enough? I cry and cry but no one seems to hear. I've been screaming for help for so long but no one can tell? Is it that they don't care or am I just not loud enough? Somebody help me, somebody hold me like my mom used to do. Your arms aren't open wide enough. Please somebody help me. I'm going to give up. I want to stand, but my legs are too weak. I'll need a lift, but I see nothing. I see all the oblivious people walking by me while I'm on the ground. I'm getting walked on and people are tripping over me. They get angry with me. They tell me to get out of the way. They must not care. I'll go away then. I will crawl my way into the darkness. But wait... I'm already in the darkness. I've been here for a long time, I've been here with others, but it seems like I'm the only one who's still haven't found my rope to pull me out. I am all alone. I don't want to be alone anymore, but I am worn out by searching for my rope. I think I'll never find it. I give up. I give up. Don't let me give up. Help me find my rope. Is anyone even listening to me? Please, oh God, help me. Maybe it's too late. Maybe somebody cut my rope... My mother did. She cut my rope. Why would she cut my rope? I thought she cared the most, when it reality she cared the least. It's always the one you least expect to hurt you and then they do. Is it possible to get another rope? If so, somebody give me one. I need, I want another rope. Before the darkness eats me whole. Or has it already?

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