Down from His throne

Tethered, torn

I wish I'd never been born

Why give me life

in the midst of so much strife?

Is it really true?

That all things work for good

to those who love You?

When all I know, all I see

is violence, rejection, abandonment

and pity

my life is a tragedy

It must come to an end

No one understands

there's noone who will befriend

has it come to this

I'm at the end of my rope

I have no joy, and no hope

God, are You there?

This is my final call

Raise Your hand to save me

from this dreadful fall

In desperation, so alone

Jesus saw my pain and

stepped down from His throne

After all these years

and thousands of tears

God restored my broken heart

and gave me a brand new start

As He showed me the bruises in His hands

He made me see that He understands.

When the darkness clouded in

His light shined brighter

when the world seemed to attack,

His love grew wider.

There's no way to express

the countless

ways God has blessed me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm not sure this poem is finished yet.

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