How can I give you thanks?

How can I give you thanks?

When my heart is so ungrateful

And although you have given me

More than a plateful

I still desire for more

And what for?

My own selfish heart and soul

It only cares about filling it's hole

With temporary silver and gold

It's all fake anyway

And eventually will decay

So why is it so hard for me

to give it all away?

After all that You have done for me

And all the answered prayers

I still push you aside

Until I'm faced with sudden affairs

I use You when I'm sad

I abuse You when I'm mad

I accuse You when I'm suffering

And I refuse You a simple offering

Lord You have shown me so much grace

After all the times I've spit in Your face

Your faithfulness to me never ends

I feel so blind

From all the times

I've mistreated You with my habitual sins

How can I give you thanks?

My eyes are stabbed with so many planks

Your love is unfailing

My heart is derailing

It's hard to believe

Or even conceive

The thousands of chances You've given us

Your children who rebel

And disobey

Who are so quick to forget

The glorious changes You've made in us

Jesus how can we give you thanks?

When are hearts are so bitter

And cold

When we make you less valuable

Than the finest of gold

Our lives were nothing

Before You made us something

When you gave us life eternally

And you purified us internally

We cannot fathom what you had to go through

Just to make a way for us to come home to You

Forgive us God, when we fail

To give You praise

Let the rest of our days

Be devoted to You.

Jesus, How can I give you thanks?

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