Creation's ludicrous lie

enraptured by Your love

my heart in complete awe

there's so much beauty

that You possess

it glistens within my soul

I'm struck by Your majestic lightening

indescribable joy surges through my veins

everytime I am near You

You are always with me

and the peace never dissipates

I burn with shame

that I ever sought more than You

for You are everything I need

and everything my heart yearns for

but alas, I'm blinded

by deceitful assumptions

nothing... or no one

in all creation

could bring me to a level of bliss

and pure contentment

that Your spirit can

I gullibly fell for that ludicrous lie

my flesh lusts

after temporary rubbish

though my spirit,

which You made alive,

hungers for eternal reward

Lord, keep my thoughts

from distraction

and keep me from seeking


in the world,

and rather than seeking

attention from people

let me seek attention

from You

Lord King,

creator of all things,

protect me from receiving second best

Your holiness mesmerizes me

I'm drawn to Your light

my tongue is always dry...

it thirsts for Your living water

which You freely give

to all who ask of You

Stir the hearts of men,

that they may ask You

I need no proof

to know You aren't a spoof

You presence is evident.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So many people are looking for satisfaction in material possessions... and looking for attention from other people... but this will not fulfill them. Deep down they want more... and more is never enough... What everyone truly desires (whether they are aware of it or not...) is a RELATIONSHIP with their Creator God. (Not religion because that would just be another materialistic thing.) Only God can give us real contentment. Everlasting.

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