Save me from Death's Sting

Solitude, no gratitude

withering away on this cold-filled night

feeding the flesh, a wretched sight

careless, so dareless

my sin entangles

my spirit, it strangles

coughing up blood

i'm drowning in the mud

darkness calls

my strength falls

but God's Righteous Light stalls

my easily deceived heart

distraction starts

Take the lies from my eyes

Remove these scales

before my walk derails

from The Path, into God's wrath

Jesus, my King

save me from death's sting

Before I am blinded

Let me be reminded

of Your Truth, of Your grace

Shine Your Light upon my face

Bruised, yet not refused

Set me free

from my infirmity

Your power it flows

Your glory shows

My filthy mind You expose

Cleanse me pure

of all lustful allure

Helpless, hopeless

I cannot cope this

My self I bring

To You my King...

save me from death's sting.

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