When the darkness turned to Light

when the darkness consumed me

i drowned in the night

the fear always plagued me

i cried out for the light

the demons went wild

tormenting my soul

they dragged me down

into hell's bottomless hole

empty and bruised

i continually tried to hide

but the devil always found me

and he convinced me i'd died

he told me it was hopeless

my life i should put to an end

so i attempted suicide

craving love and a true friend

he said it was useless

that i'd forever be alone

he blinded my eyes

from seeing God's throne

I wanted to be loved

and to kill this depression

that left me oppressed

in a cycle of repression

and just when I thought

i was doomed to this curse

God poured through the Heavens

and destroyed my awaiting hearse

He gave me a new beginning

and restored my spiritual eyesight

He lead me to the Truth

when the darkness turned to light.

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