where has my fire gone?

seven days without my first love

I've neglected to seek Him

neglected to speak to Him

forsaken my loving companion

my king and my friend

outside, the words of my mouth

make me radical

but inside I'm watching

my spirit sees

the cries and the pleas

sparkle in my eyes

but I'm lost, covered in the lies

I'm slowly drifting away

and I can't breathe

my pride keeps me from praying

but i'm dying, trying

to keep from swaying

I've lost my step

I'm going to drown

it seems too late to turn around

but I know He's there

filled with care

He's longing to embrace me

yearning to replace

my apathy with passion

and my hate with compassion

But I've neglected my God

neglected His joy

He never neglects me...

He's so wonderful

so patient and enduring

so comforting

and so full of peace

If I could just utter a word...

Christ was neglected

and rejected

all for me, all for you

so why can't we see?

the pain that fills His heart

when our fellowship is torn apart

I just want to get back...

get back to my first love

I must run with all I have

to Heaven above..

but wait..

I don't need to move

He's met me where I'm at.

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