Lift up your hands

A lost soul has been found

a lifeless spirit awakened

with new life breathed upon her

new chances and a new heart

a new creation is born within her

Darkness no longer envelops her mind

but a new light, full of glory

and magnificence, shines brightly

on her body, radiating a joy

so wonderful, words cannot describe.

the emptiness that once tormented

her heart, finally is filled

with an overflowing love

that could only have come from Heaven above

Her dull gloomy eyes, now sparkle

with gratitude, where compassion now

replaces a bitter mistrust

her face glows, her smiles are no longer fake

Her hands are lifted towards the sky,

reaching to the one true God who released

her soul from the bondage of sin,

the God who set her free

New tears form in her eyes,

no longer of sadness but full of awe

as the love of Jesus pours out on her

She can't understand the depth of His love

all she can do is accept it and recieve it

her decrepit earthly body

morphs into a perfect flawless being

as she's lifted to the clouds

No more worries, no more pain for her

no more anger, no more depression

no more loneliness, no more rejection

no more tears and no more fears

no more dissappointments, no more hopelessness

no more darkness, no more death

no more sin

Only joy, only peace, only love

Only new things to come

She's left herself and her old life behind

for the promise Jesus gives us all;

eternal abundant life

Without looking back, she grabs His hand

as He takes her away to paradise

Gazing in desperation, I lift my hands

He takes mine too, His grip is firm; He's not letting go

(His grip is so gentle; you wouldn't want Him to)

His arms are constantly stretched out,

waiting for another lost soul to guide home

He stretched His arms on a cross,

and had them pierced 2,000 years ago

And now His hand is reaching towards yours

So lift up your hands, don't hesitate to recieve

Lift up your hands, all you have to do is believe

Lift up your hands, He'll show you what true love is

Lift up your hands, He's longing to touch you

Lift up your hands, He's yearning to hold you

Lift up your hands, He died to be with you

Lift up your hands, Let Him take you home,

and to places you've never dreamed of

Lift up your hands, just rest in His loving arms

Lift up your hands, don't turn Him away

Lift up your hands, He's wanting to save you

Let go of your burdens

Let go of your doubts

Let go of your pride...

and realize... He's the God

you can't live without

Lift up your hands

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