Heaven: Only a dream away

Day and night my soul searches for You

I long to see Your face, I long to know you more

I'm not quite sure how, but I find myself drawn

Drawn to Your dwelling place, to Your throne room

I come willingly, hoping that You will not see my sin

Hoping that you will not turn me away

All of my hope is in You, without You I have nothing…

I bring myself to Your feet, keeping my eyes down in shame

I having nothing to offer but so much to let go

If only You will receive me graciously to take away my iniquities

My heart knows You are holy and righteous

And I'm not even worthy to lift my eyes to Yours

But oh how I long just to gaze into Your spirit

To see your Holiness and your glory

Slowly I come… but like a kitten afraid of water

I remain cautious of the majestic power You hold

And before I enter through the gates of Heaven

You see my shadow edging closer

You shout my name with gladness and joy

You run to greet me, and to guide me by the hand

Your face lights up with delight just to be near me

I don't understand, I dare to ask why

You gently pull my hand, and affectionately whisper in my ear

"I knew you before I made you in your mothers womb,

I knew you were helpless, I knew you were empty.

I created you therefore I love you. And to know you came to find me,

Makes even the angels in heaven rejoice."

Then You take me by the hand and You lead me through the gates

You show me great and marvelous things

My mind cannot contemplate

The joy and peace I have experienced

The love I have found feels too good to be true

I've tasted heaven, and now I'm distressed that I'll never know

This feeling again

But you peer into my wandering eyes

And you gently grip me by the shoulders

You say, "You will know this once again, this kingdom is Your home.

You are just on a mission's trip on earth, but someday You will see me again.

Someday you will be back. I will not let you go…I will not leave you an orphan.

Continue to seek after me, and you will never get lost. I know the way home.

Just follow me."

The sun brings the day, it shines in through the curtain into my eyes

The peace that surrounds me, reminds me of the Lord's presence

He's come to show me the road home

He's come to help me find my way.

Heavens only a dream away… so close your eyes.

He'll guide you home.

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