where would I be without you?

Where would I be without you my Lord?

Trapped in a world full of continuous desolation…

Enslaved to my sins and my guilt and frustration

Hopelessly searching for a way to escape

Where my eyes are so blinded, I don't realize my own fate

Where would I be without you my Lord?

Wrapped up in the useless things of this world

My emotions raw and my conscience twirled

Estranged from your joy, between this cold divide…

Idleness and emptiness is all I'd feel inside

Where would I be without you my Lord?

Well I know where I have been

Ensnared by my sin

Lost in a grieving place

Catapulting through the vacuum of space

At my moment of weakness, where I could no longer cope

You revealed your Son to me, and filled me with hope

Indescribable joy, I've never understood

I tasted a piece of Heaven; the Lord is good

Where would I be without You, Jesus?

For my life began the day I found You

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my life was so dull and empty before I found Jesus... and no matter what I did or got "into" never satisfied me... It wasn't until I invited Jesus into my life to be my Lord and Savior that the real excitement began.

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