I felt His love

I felt His love

on my heart

as I stepped out

into the world

all this evil taunting me

tempting me to fall

but to my Lord

I can call

He protects me

Faithful is He like no other

closer than my brother

He caresses my skin

and keeps me safe from all the sin

the sin that will corrupt me

the sin that will destroy me

the sin that will defile me

With His strength

I continue on the path

barefooted and bleeding

the rocky narrow road

punctures my soul

but I can see Jesus up ahead

He tells me not to give up

He tells me to persevere

He promises me I'll get my reward

If I just keep on going…

Despite the pain and suffering

This path seems to cause

He tells me of the joy that lies ahead

The peace that I will feel

So I speed up the pace

But I stumble and fall

Disfiguring my face

bruising my knees

and cutting my hands

I cry out in agony

as the devil grabs a stronghold

taking advantage

of my sudden vulnerability

Immediately Jesus comes to my side

Grabs my outreached hand

and lifts me up again

He pushes off the demons

that pick at my wounds

and he takes away my pain again

and once I can stand on my own

He guides me forward to the end

And I felt His love

when he came into my life

I felt His love when He protected me

I felt His love when He rescued me

I felt His love when He lifted me up

I felt His love when He showed me the way

And I'll feel His love when He calls me home someday.

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