always by my side

My burdens overcome me

I'm falling in this same old ditch

I get so focused on how I'm poor

When I fail to see, with You Lord I am rich

Materialism takes control

It wraps me in its tangled web

It takes my mind off what will last

Even this will come to pass

And still I find

Myself on the edge

Of this never-ending landmine

I drive myself to these dead-ends

And when I get stuck I cry out to You

To clean up the mess I've made

Thank You God for being faithful and true

Time and again You come to my aid

You're always by my side

Encouraging me to press on

You never let me give up

Instead You cheer me on

And every time I slip in the mud

You grab me by the hand

Smile and say, "That's okay."

And lend Your shoulder to help me stand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

is this poem finished? not sure if i should add more to the end or not... "we'll see... we'll see."

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