some days you will fall

Plunging into darkness, my eyes no longer see

The beauty that once did manifest inside of me

trapped within this sin

that rips away my God

torturing not only I but my Lord and Savior

which makes Him cry

So why, do I continue

To plummet in this whirlpool of transgression

Knowing that I reap what I sow

This pain that I feel creating stains on my soul

Was implanted by no one other than myself

And these wounds that were inflicted on my flesh

Will seep beneath my skin

All because I ignored my Father's discipline

And now all He can do is cradle me close

While I wait for Him to say, "I told you so"

Yet He whispers that He's going to see me through this

When I try to understand He just smiles down from above

And explains it in one simple tone,

"My precious daughter, you are never alone…

Some days you will fly, some days you will fall

But I will be here to catch you through it all."

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