the dark night breeze threatens to eject me off the face of the planet

while violently slashing the hair into my face

this deserted and meandering road I walk upon

hurts my bare feet as I lead the way of broken hearts and souls

to a land full of shining sun and placid lakes of rapture

as every rock stabs my sole I drop a tear of hurt onto the asphalt

wincing with pain but continuing on, I motion with my hand to follow

and hopefully and bravely, I blindly walk forward not knowing what lay

all these tortured depending on my slightest judgment…

the grueling problems we run away from cackle through the trees

haunting us and taunting us

memories of my so-called friends remind me of the recent loneliness

that I unfortunately discovered

I've got to keep strong for the world so they won't break down

the tragedy that could happen if everyone knew my weaknesses

so boldly I proceed down this worn path

confidently whistling a tune that I can't quite figure out

wholly trying to block out the sounds of ache that pierce my ears

I can feel the end nearing in my bones and excitedly race around the corner

only to find that what I see is nothing but a dead end

and as I turn around to sadly tell my disappointed loved ones we've failed and are lost

I find that nobody was following me in the first place

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