Sleek with Rain

~13~ Love and Loss

The clouds covered the sun's vibrant shine

And the shadows disintegrated to the sky

Raindrops mixed into his pool of blood

Tears dripped salt as I sat with my bud

The streets sleek with rain swish as a car rolls by

Wailing for help as I hopelessly cry

Everyone watched but didn’t do a thing

I pulled him into my arms as I started to sing

The song we had danced to the first night we met

He started to convulse and his eyes filled with fret

I stroked his blood-drenched hair as he slowly passed on

The paramedics arrived but he was already gone

I bawled as they bagged up my only reason to live

And left me suddenly without any comfort to give

The rain cleared away but my sorrow remained

And the world kept on turning while I stood there in vain.

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