I won't be left behind

I wonder what it will be like, Lord

When I finally meet You face to face

Will I bow before You in all Your glory?

Or desperately reach out for Your embrace?

What will I be doing on that day

When You return from Heaven on High?

Will I hear the noise, or see the shine

Rejoicing to see Your face in the sky?

Will I grab my friends by their hands

And be lifted to join You there?

Will the world repent and worship You

As they see beyond millions in the air?

How will I feel, and how will I act?

When all my doubts wash away

By watching as You fulfill Your promise

That You would come back for the faithful some day

I guess I shouldn’t care, it doesn't really matter

Because deep down in my heart I am confident

That You are real and You died for my sins

The change in my life proves it's evident

So what I will do while waiting for You

Wake up every morning and make up my mind

Each day I will live like You're coming that day

Preparing myself so I won't be left behind.

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