Awaken my spirit

awaken my dreams

explain to me

what all this means

Is this life, that

You hold in Your hands?

Or merely a joke

from my so-called friends...

revealing my secrets

I listen attentively

You love me greater than

human capacity

my heart beats faster

as Your hands begin to bleed

You say there is a way

that I can be freed

From my sadness,

and from my bitterness

from my angst

and from my loneliness...

from my hatred

and from my pain

and from all my searching

done in vain

So reaching for my face

You instruct me to drink

and then smiling ever-so-gently

Your right eye sends a wink

As a drop of blood falls on my tongue

I feel a change in me

Purified in righteousness

my eyes can finally see

You are the Son of God

sent down to save my soul

and all of those that choose You

You'll fill that empty hole

rescue them from the suffering

that comes after we die

and carry them to Heaven

where in peace they shall lie

and now that I have found You

It suddenly makes sense

To gain the world above us

You need our full repentance.


©2002 All Rights Reserved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The blood of Jesus purifies us of all unrighteousness. If we allow Him to come to us and give us a drink, and invite Him into our hearts we will not suffer for eternity. We may suffer in this life but He will fill that emptiness that gnaws at our insides... And not only that but we can hold on to the promise that we will have eternal life and after we die all our suffering will end and we can LITERALLY rest in peace.

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