Beautiful and majestic

Your face I can see

Pictured in my mind

As Your love washes over me

I give my heart up in worship

I lift up my hands

How endless is Your mercy

How far Your love expands

my breath grows rapid

with every beat of the drum

I enter into Your presence

the world around me goes numb

As the music becomes louder

and drowns out my surroundings

Your Spirit penetrates my body

And sends me peace abounding

Your magnificent power runs so intensely

That tears fall from my eyes

My knees shake and collapse to the ground

Ringing throughout the church, Your body cries

As Your presence fills the room

The people begin to drop

Waves of mercy and grace

We know will never stop

Coming down from Heaven

You bring your people home

Leave the desolate world behind

Where chaos and evil continue to roam...

Safely in Your presence

Is where we'll always be

Shouting You are Holy!

Praising You for eternity!

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